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See our new Cab Rack for logistics bars mounted to your cab!SHOP NOW

See our new Cab Rack for logistics bars mounted to your cab! SHOP NOW

See our new Cab Rack for logistics bars mounted to your cab! SHOP NOW

Yellow Rack is THE storage system for all your cargo equipment -- in the Trailer, on the Cab, and at the Loading Dock.  Yellow Rack keeps Drivers and Equipment Safe and Secure, free from Injury and Damage. 

Yellow Rack has many names in the industry.  Some call it a Load Bar Holder or a Load Bar Rack.  Others know it is the Shoring Beam Holder, the Load Lock holder, or the Load Bar Storage Rack.  We even hear some call it ‘that Cargo Bar Holder.’

The point: it doesn’t matter what you call it -- Yellow Rack products hold ALL cargo securing bars in the Trailer, on the Cab, or at the Loading Dock.  All you have to remember is one name -- Yellow Rack.

Yellow Rack solves your OSHA and CSA problems, ensuring your Facility and your Fleet are compliant.  OSHA Storage Rack Regulations can be confusing, but not with Yellow Rack.  Yellow Rack simplifies compliance with Loading Dock Safety Rules and OSHA Loading Dock Standards.  Yellow Rack OSHA Storage Racks can be found in many Leading companies such as Amazon, Bimbo Bakeries, Coca Cola, DHL, Lennox, Mondelez.  Even the U.S. Coast Guard is starting to use Yellow Racks!

Our Cab Rack is perfect for Drop and Hook drivers, storing your Load Bars and Shoring Beams on the back of the Cab or the Catwalk.  Wall Mount versions are perfect for the Loading Dock, keeping important cargo equipment stowed safely out of the way, avoiding accidents and injuries.  The Track Mount racks fit in the trailer in horizontal e-track or vertical logistic tracks.  Store your equipment safely, efficiently, and legally.

Yellow Rack is tested in the harshest conditions to ensure it can withstand the beating equipment takes at the loading dock and in the trailer.  Yellow Rack is frozen to -20 degrees Fahrenheit then rammed with forklifts carrying 2,000 pound totes and pounded with sledgehammers. This testing demonstrates Yellow Rack is incredibly strong and why without hesitation we back Yellow Rack with a Full Replacement Warranty. Check out our videos and testimonials!

There is no lighter, stronger, or more versatile storage device available.  Yellow Rack has become a standard tool for drivers, carriers, as well as fleet, distribution center, and safety managers.  Whether you drive the biggest rig on the road or carry equipment to job sites in your work truck, work trailer, or van, Yellow Rack is your equipment storage rack, not only for load bars, load locks, shoring beams, and cargo bars, but for hand carts, pallet jacks, ladders, power tools, yard equipment, chain saws . . . ANYTHING you can fit in it, Yellow Rack will hold.  What would you expect from a rack designed by a big rig driver?

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